Monday series #12 – Stress breaker

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I believe one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. So, how about some positivity on everybodies most depressing day of the week? This is a series of true stories coming from random citizens of this beautiful world as a weekly dose of motivation for a happier day, a happier week and (hopefully) a happier life. Twelfth one comes from a Anna Pepunkt, coming from Heidelberg, Germany. At the moment she’s  living and studying here in Ghent, Belgium.


”Mondays were more depressing and stressful back in high-school, because back then we had a fixed schedule of working on weekdays and having weekends off. However, when university starts, there’s no such thing as fixed schedule. It doesn’t really matter if it’s Sunday or Monday, if there’s work to do-you have to work. That’s why I sometimes have Monday syndrome on other days as well.

For me, organization is very important. When I see what needs to be done, then I can plan my week. Mostly I plan more than can actually be done in a week, so I sometimes demotivate myself this way. But it generally works. I also hate starting my day late. If I get up at, like, 10 am. I’m like ‘’Oh, sh!* The day’s over. Why even bother waking up? I can’t do anything!’’ (laughs) Even an hour can make a huge difference.

Of course, everyone has chaotic days and weeks. It happens a lot, actually. There are just times when you can’t manage everything. It just simply isn’t possible. In these situations, I have my own ways of coping with stress. For example, break time is very important for me. I usually study in the library, and when I do so, I tend to have lunch with friends as a break. This is very helpful because after the break I can start again with the next thing I have to do. On the other hand, when my friends don’t come to library, and I can’t have those long and enjoyable breaks, I don’t have that fresh start afterwards. So, my second study session isn’t as successful. At the same time, when we make coffee breaks in the library, I always eat muffins, cake, cookies or something like that. And I’m totally fine with it. There are no bad feelings or guilt for having extra calories like I usually have, you know what I mean? It’s TOTALLY fine. (laughs) I need it, so it’s ok.

At the same time, I also feel like friends are very important. These breaks wouldn’t be as helpful as they are if there wasn’t for people who understand me and are there for me when necessary.”


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