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Year 2014. An early morning of a cold winter day in a little city in Turkey called Amasya. First time I’m having eggs with minced meat. Yes, I’m having that for breakfast. Next to a pile of other traditional Turkish stuff. Six people, one round table. Probably one of the most delicious breakfasts I’ve had in my life. Chatting with my friend and her family. People I’ve just met, put I already love.

Year 2015. Ankara. A warm night, some time around 22:00 o’clock. I feel like eating something, so I go and ask my flatmates whether they feel like ordering ‘çiğköfte’ (Ciguchi in English, according to Google Translate). I can already foresee their answers: the initial reaction will be ‘’No, it’s too late!’’, but then approximately 5 (max 10) minutes later they will all agree. I’ll call and order. We’ll probably ask the delivery boy to get us some chips from the nearby kiosk, because that’s the only thing working at that time and we’re too lazy to go ourselves. After all, we are living on the 6th floor. (Yes, there’s an elevator, but still…)

Then, when the delivery boy comes we’ll take our boxes and start ‘burning’. Because the thing with ‘çiğköfte’ is it’s really spicy. Personally, I need huge amounts of ‘ayran’ with it, just to be able to finish. There were times when girls were burning so much they would throw their heads out of the window with their mouth wide open, so that some fresh air would cool them. Yes, if you take the spicier version, that’s what happens. You feel like you’re about to die, but still it’s an incredible feeling. A cool death. Enjoyable one. It’s like you’re providing adrenaline just by eating. And it tastes great!

Year 2016. One of those hot summer nights in Bihać. My hometown. Holidays. Having pancakes with my stronger half. He takes pancakes with chocolate. I have ones with walnuts. He doesn’t like walnuts. But I absolutely love the combination. Then we take a walk, or go for a ride around the city. (burning calories haha)

Year 2017. A little touristic city called Kuşadası, in Turkey. I’m visiting my friend and her family. A mini after-midterms vacation. A sunny, but pretty windy day. We’re trying to make a barbecue. Four girls, one chicken. A slightly burned chicken. Salad. Traditional Turkish bread-ish. One of the tastiest barbecues I’ve ever had in my life. In spite of the slightly burnt situation.

All these have one thing in common. They were all one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had and I’ll remember them (probably) forever. That taste remains in my mouth as if time hasn’t passed at all. And yes, I’ve had all of these dishes a zillion times later again. And they were never as delicious as then.


Because it’s not the food that leaves that delicious taste in our memory. It’s the people you’re sharing the food with. They’re the salt and the pepper of the meal. They’re the most important component of the meal. It’s their presence, our chats that change everything.

And that’s why one should enjoy every single moment in his/her life. Because you never know when things might change. You never know whether that meal you have every now and then is going to taste as good next time you have it. And that would be a pity, wouldn’t it?


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