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Yes, you’ve read that right.

A New Year’s resolution. In November.




I’ve said it many times before: I don’t do any of those ‘’New Year, new me’’ stuff.

And that doesn’t mean I think they never work. They usually don’t. Not because there’s something wrong with the resolutions themselves. But simply because it’s all about the person trying to bring them to life.

If you ask me, there are 3 things one needs to do in order to change something:

  • Decide/Realize they want to change something.
  • Plan the process of change. Realistically.
  • Work on following the plan. As hard as possible.

Everything else is just an excuse. Nobody ever had enough time, energy, money, love, respect, knowledge, chance, support or anything else surrounding them. And yet, somehow, some people manage to work stuff out.

Meaning just one thing. No excuses.

It’s all in our hands.

So, I might as well call all these plans my New Year’s resolution. After all, December is just around the corner.

Whatever the name, one thing is for sure. I want to do so much more. And I will. I’ll share more. Not my plans, but things done. Not resolutions or dreams, but structured sentences, paragraphs.

There are so many things in my mind. Ideas wanting to come out of my head. Words eager to be written.

So. ‘till next time. Soon.




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