My PR Internship @ Komunikacijski Laboratorij (VIDEO)

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Hello there!

An important part of education is definitely applying theoretically acquired knowledge. That’s where internships come in handy. I’ve done my first official internship last summer within the Erasmus+ Programme in ‘’Komunikacijski Laboratorij’’ – an agency in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Komunikacijski Laboratorij stands for communication laboratory and is an independent regional agency specializing in market communication, public relations, digital communications and event management. Agency began working in 2004 as Abrakadabra Integrirane Komunikacije and specialized in event management and public relations. Expanding its portfolio of clients and services, the agency early on identified trends in the industry and focused its business sights on the broader region. As a result, in 2011 the agency opened its office in Belgrade, and a year later formed sister company Ping Pong for two-way communication due to the advent of social media. 2015 marks a great turning point in their history as they have integrated all sister companies into one well rounded whole, called Komunikacijski Laboratorij.

Within their long list of clients there are McDonalds, NOKIA, Deichmann, Nike, European Commission, European Parliament, Visa, etc.




How did I end up there?

My university offers us the opportunity of payed internships in several countries in Europe. So, I decided to combine that opportunity with my enthusiasm for doing an internship in my mother tongue. And even though Croatian is different, I didn’t really think it would matter that much. I’ve been a follower of KL’s work for quite a while now, so they were the first ones I contacted (Nino, if you’re reading this – t h a n k   y o u).

After a practical exam and an interview, they found me suitable, so our adventure could start.

The only thing left was applying for Erasmus Internship Programme in my university. The results were to come quite late, so I didn’t really know whether or not I would be in up until my internship was almost done. But still, I applied. And moved to Zagreb for two months.

Even though I had never lived in Zagreb before, adjusting wasn’t too hard simply because the city is well organized. I did get lost for a few times, but that was ok. I mean, I kind of got used to it by now.

There’s a whole post on living in Zagreb, so I’ll just skip that.

It did take me almost an hour to work every day, but I got used to that as well. In the end it turned out to be a great thing, since I learned how to get around better.

When it comes to work itself, it was really educative and fun! I had the opportunity to work on projects from their very beginning to their very end, including press clipping and reporting afterwards. I’ve done research, analysis, and briefing documents, assisted in preparing media lists, social media content and evaluation reports, participated in brainstorming and planning sessions, managed social media accounts, as well as contacted journalists and suppliers.

Since other two departments didn’t have an intern, I had the chance to work there as well. That’s why not only were I given tasks in the field of public relations, but digital marketing and event management as well. Plus, I got to attend and assist in two events!

At the times there weren’t any real-life tasks for me, they would give me ‘’imaginary’’ tasks in which I designed campaigns on my own. Or I would just read books from their library.

I’ve made a ‘Two months in two minutes” video which pretty much sums everything up.


Was it useful?


Obviously it all depends on the individual and his/her desire or effort. If you really want to learn and work, there will always be things to do. The team took time to answer all of my questions, and there were many. I’d always try to catch up with things going on around me, even though they might not be related to me directly. I treated every situations as a possible lesson, and in the end it payed out, if you ask me.

KL was definitely an intern-friendly environment! They treated me as one of their own and gave me relevant tasks as well as detailed feedback on my work. That way I would learn ways to work more efficiently in the future.

At the same time, it is incredible how things we are taught in the uni came up on my mind as we were working. I could literally hear our professors in my head. Sure, I’ve also learned (and done) stuff I knew pretty much nothing about.

In the end, it was an incredibly useful experience that taught me a lot, not only on communications, but also business itself, life, and after all, myself.

It was a very influential experience for me. An experience that made me love PR even more than before. An experience that showed me quality work in this field can be done in our ‘’small’’ environment as well. An experience that connected me with some amazing people, both at work and outside it. And finally, an experience that showed me I’m officially entering the world of grown-ups.

Hopefully I can keep in touch with the team.

Hopefully they understand how big of a deal these two months were for me.

Hopefully they’ve enjoyed having me as much as I have being there!

’till next time then,



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