Monday Story #34 – Relaxed Beginning of Season 2

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Welcome to season 2 of our favorite Monday morning activity – reading Monday stories.

Season one has been very honoring to me. I’ve received quite a lot of supporting messages from people saying they find it very useful and are looking forward to new ones every week. I’ve even come across some other people who started writing something similar or were inviting others to do so.

For me, it’s been both very challenging and useful as I’ve sometimes had difficulties finding time as well as volunteers, but at the same time gained the habit of posting weekly.

Anyway, here we are again, this time with bilingual and a bit differently structured posts.

For season opening we have another of my classmates. His name is Osman Karaçaylı and this is his story!




”Mondays are indeed a nightmare for a university student.

Watching movies, scrolling through the social media while lying in our warm beds, or hanging out (as our biggest activities during the weekend) turns into tense nightmares on Sundays at 23:59.

I can say I’ve gotten over this whole situation/process. I have courses and other similar stuff during the weekends as well. They’ve helped me sign a peace agreement with Mondays. I do really love all seven days of the week.

The specific thought that gets me out of bed on Mondays these days is the thought of our professor Fatih, the professor whose classes we’re attending on Monday. Just imagining him in front of me is enough to wake up. More than enough! J

What bothers me, however, is the general thought that men can’t be depressed. Of course we can!

If Fenerbahçe (a football club) looses a game I’ll probably be down the next day. Or if I really, really feel like eating a chocolate in the evening and there’s none at home. Or (definitely the worst depressions) the ones that come after arguing with your loved one. It’s really hard to get over those. But it’s not impossible. Nothing is.

So, no matter how bad you’re feeling, I believe it’s important to remember that life is short and there’s literally no time to be wasted on such useless stuff. Get yourself a good chocolate, lean on your chair, listen to some good music and enjoy.

Have a happy Monday!”


And what do you do on Monday mornings?

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