Monday Series #7 – A Platonic Love

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I believe one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. So, how about some positivity on everybodies most depressing day of the week? This is a series of true stories coming from random citizens of this beautiful world as a weekly dose of motivation for a happier day, a happier week and (hopefully) a happier life. Seventh one comes from a 20-year-old from Turkey. She wanted to stay anonymous. At the moment she’s studying here in Ghent, Belgium.


She said she followed her rainbow out of her depression, and thinks you should do the same!


”I was in high school and I attended a program at a university with some of my friends. Something unexpected and extremely strange happened to me there. In a way different from every other before, I fell in love with someone who I had just met. Who I had talked directly to only once during a 3-day-long program. He was a law student. And he was 4 years older than me. I fell in love in such a strange, very different and new way. I didn’t really think of whether there could be anything between us. But there was this feeling I had. I was almost sure we would meet sometime later. That we would meet and get to know each other better. I don’t know where did the feeling come from. Or why was it there. It was just there.

All this continued even when I went back home. So, I found myself stalking him on all of his social media. I literally knew everything that happened in his life, all of his friends, like everything. I was like a psychopath. For a year and a half I stalked him. I made him a part of my life, even though he didn’t probably even remember me. I don’t know how or why but I fell in love so bad. Too bad. I even helped organizing a trip for my classmates to his university in Istanbul, thinking I might see him somewhere in campus. I didn’t see him. In addition, all of my friends were mad at me for making them spend so much time there, when we could be spending time anywhere else in Istanbul. (laughs)

Then, there was another international program and I found out he was going to be there, so I applied, too. And they accepted me. And few days before the program, as we were going to our history lesson, a friend told me she found out he had a girlfriend. At first, I thought she was joking. Because I stalked him so bad, I never thought there might be a girl in his life I wouldn’t know of. But there was. That was a seriously depressing moment for me. I started crying uncontrollably. People around me, including my teacher, asked me what was going on. I just couldn’t stop myself. I know it sounds silly, but… I felt so bad. Then I figured I had to get this over with. I had to erase this silly illusion I had created in my head. So I did. Instead of making myself feel bad about it, I deleted him. I finished the whole thing immediately. Like in a day. Of course, I felt depressed for some time. It took me like 6 months to recover completely and delete the thought of him from my head. But I succeeded. And I figured out I really succeeded, when I went to that program he was going to be at, too. He did come. And so did his girlfriend. And I did see him. Them. And I felt bad. But not devastated. I told myself I won’t. And I didn’t. Seriously. What a Platonic love. (laughs)

And as for Mondays… When I wake up, before opening my eyes, I think of good things that are going to happen during that day. I tell myself, ‘’I’m going to open my eyes now and start a new, beautiful day. I’m going to attend lessons I love, listen to professors I love in a university I love.’’ And then I get up from my bed. So, I love Mondays.”


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