Monday Series #2 – A psychology student

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I believe one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. So, how about some positivity on everybodies most depressing day of the week? This is a series of true stories coming from random citizens of this beautiful world as a weekly dose of motivation for a happier day, a happier week and (hopefully) a happier life. Second one comes from a 22-year-old from Russia. Her name is Alyona. At the moment she’s living and studying psychology here in Ghent, Belgium.



”There was this thing this week. I woke up with a strong, bad feeling about myself. I wasn’t pleased with anything I did, thought or felt. Everything was wrong. Nothing I did was enough. I felt like I should do more, work harder. Like I must be doing something every single moment. And it must be done perfectly.  As for dealing with it, what works for me? Well, I need time to fight all this negativity.  It feels like I’m sitting in a pool of tears, fears, sadness and that kind of sh!t. I don’t really need anyone’s help getting out of there. I have to find strength in myself. I don’t talk to anyone. Just spend some time alone. And after a while I get enough of it. You should deal with your weaknesses and problems. Face them. I mean, we have to let ourselves feel not only good emotions, but bad ones as well. It’s okay to be sad, to dislike something on yourself. Feel it and then deal with it.

And the motivation. First, if it’s like Monday morning and it’s too early and I don’t want to get up and so on. For me, music is the best solution. Just turn on the music you like, let it fill you with energy. Feel the beat, let bad thoughts go and smile. Works all the time.

Second, you have to truly understand that everything is possible if you work hard. Train, work and you will get the thing you want so badly. At first it might be difficult, but soon it will become better and better. Find an example, like a role model. For me it’s the music band BTS. I love them, the really inspire me. I see how they work hard and become better, more professional. They face difficulties and win. It’s very important for me.

One more thing that helps is finding sense in what you are doing. What you will achieve by doing something, will also help you as motivation. Are you doing it for someone else or for yourself? What’s the reason? What will happen if you don’t do it? I think it is important to understand (and know) all these.”

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