Monday Series #16 – Reality Calls

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The second half of January is here, and all students will understand what I mean by that. Exams! And this makes it the period when we need motivation even more. This week’s story comes from someone who is not studying, but is working at the moment. Beyza is a twenty-something teacher from Turkey who was kind enough to save me from going on a search for stories by sharing her own. Let’s see what she had to say!





”First thing I figured out while thinking about the low period in the past is there isn’t a one particular, single day when I was feeling bad, but rather three different cases/events came to my mind. Talking in detail about them would be pretty long, but the one thing they have in common is that they all have something to do with my family. I believe we find the strength to overcome our own problems easier than when it’s related to someone else. Because if it is something we cannot affect, then no matter how sad we get, there is nothing we can really do. It’s like you’ve entered a dead-end street and when you try to go back to where you’ve come from, you find yourself lost and unable to remember the road. In these moments I feel a mix of despair, sadness and powerlessness. I feel hopeless. And it’s obvious that when you take hope from one, there is nothing else left there. In these situations I cry. Yes, I go for the best therapy there is. I sob without restraining myself. Until all my feelings are drained off. It’s like a miracle. Because later, when I get quiet again, I can feel ease. And loneliness as well. That’s why then I generally talk to some of my friends.

Another thing that gets me through is understanding this world isn’t a bottomless pit. And then I take hope back to my hands and pray. Because faith is the biggest gift given to humanity, if you ask me. It gives one the strength to find the way out of the dead-end street, or the bottomless dip. Or at least it does to me. And then? Then, the wait. It might get hard sometimes, but it’s a powerful wait. Hoping every human being gets out of the lows and reaches the highs, the ‘happies’. I know life is a whole made of both sweet and sour moments. One has to feel both in order to remember that he/she is a human, right?

And for the Mondays… Well, first of all I have to emphasize how much I LOVE sleep. I can sleep at any time, any day. This is why getting up in the morning is even harder for me. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a Monday or any other day, getting up is just as hard. And the question how I manage dealing with it is a really good question. I’ve heard a saying on how getting out of the bad is hard only when you don’t have a goal. This basically explains my situation. When you’re a kid, you get up to play. And when you grow up a bit, you get up in order to secure a future for your future self. And when you grow up even more, you get up so that you can provide a better life for your family. Or even kids, later on. I’m kind of there. Getting up so that my family gets an opportunity for a better life. Is this equal to money? Well, yes. Even though money isn’t everything in life, lack of money is equal to soreness. Plus, I’m a teacher and it is my duty to help my students with the challenges they face. And being the reason for the happiness sparkles in their eyes is indeed motivating, too.”



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