Monday Series #11 – Off day Sunday

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I believe one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. So, how about some positivity on everybodies most depressing day of the week? This is a series of true stories coming from random citizens of this beautiful world as a weekly dose of motivation for a happier day, a happier week and (hopefully) a happier life. Eleventh one comes from a 24-year-old from South Africa. Her name is Lené Maria Oosthuizen. At the moment she’s  living and studying here in Ghent, Belgium.




”I believe it’s crucial to remember what’s important in life. I remember when I was finishing my master thesis how stressed I felt. I had a friend and we were stressing out together. And it got really bad. So, her mother was like ‘’You’re going to stop this now. This is just a master, your professor can’t kill you, he can’t take anything away from you, he can’t decapitate you, he can’t do anything bad.’’ She literally made a list of extremes he can’t do, he will never do. And then she said ‘’You will always have a place to sleep, you’ll have food. Stop it! You’re going to be fine.’’ She was quite strict with us, and she really made us take a break.  And then we both realized that sometimes in life, we give things the power to overrule us, when they don’t deserve it at all. Yes, you should study hard for your test, but if it is going to affect your health, then, come on, just take a break. It’s not worth it.

And the Monday blues.. Yes, it does happen to me. Because I don’t work on Sundays, it’s my off-day. That’s one of the decisions I’ve made and I’ve been applying it for 3 or 4 years now. I literally don’t touch any work on Sundays. So it’s literally the highlight of my life, every Sunday. It’s amazing. During the week I work extremely hard because I know I will take the Sunday off. And I think that’s the reason Mondays are always kind of an end of my dream world. (laughs) But at the same time, knowing I can rest on next Sunday usually helps me overcome the Monday blues.

Another thing is getting up earlier on Monday mornings. If I literally have just 10 minutes in the morning to plan my week, then it’s not going to work. I don’t have to finish everything instantly, but just making a plan for the week and seeing it makes me feel relaxed. I’m a list kind of a person. I make a lot of to-do lists. If I know I have a lot of things to do, then making a to-do list and seeing what can fit where in the week makes me a lot more relaxed.

So, overcoming the craziness of a Monday morning is easier if I have a well written to-do list and therefore if I can see there’s going to be enough time to do everything. Having a plan works for me. If I sleep late on a Monday morning, then the craziness just gets even worse. It gets horrible. And to keep away from that, I get a really well rest on Sundays.”


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