Monday Story #33 – Religious Support

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With the same old ”New day, new opportunity. New Monday, new Monday story” we’re welcoming you this year’s summer finale!

As this academic year is over and summer is here, Mondays are a lot more loved by the vast majority. That is the reason why we’re going to have a break and basically enjoy everyone enjoying their Mondays.

The honor of getting the storyteller role today goes to a 26-year-old law student from Holland who originally comes from Turkey. His name is Ferhat and here’s what he told us.




”In every person’s life there are bad periods, of course. And it is those periods that make one stronger. But getting out can be hard. I, for example, rely on my religious views in order to do so. I remind myself how everything happens for a reason and how there is good in everything, it’s just that I cannot see it at that very moment. If God thinks something shouldn’t happen to me, then why would I want that to happen? He knows everything better than I do, so His thoughts and decisions are more important.

When it comes to Mondays, the truth is I don’t really struggle getting up in the morning. I know it’s a whole new day, a whole new opportunity for me to do whatever it is I want to. To bring my dreams to life, or at least come a step closer to them. I’m a positive person. At least I try to be, so that I could motivate others to act positively as well. For example, at the moment I’m studying law so that I could be paralegal once I finish it. I really want to be someone kids can look up to. And talk to at the same time. Ask for advice, tell their problems, etc. Because I’ve never had anyone who could help me when I was younger. Someone who could help me figure out what I wanted to study. Or anything else.

I could say I’m a maniac when it comes to self-development- I constantly thrive for more. And this is a result of my religious views as well. Back in 2011, when I ‘’first met’’, started exploring and learning more about Islam, I had one of those eye-opening moments where I figured out how I shouldn’t be learning more about my religion alone, but everything else as well. So I thought about how I could be a better student/intern/brother/son/cousin/Turkish citizen/neighbor/Holland citizen etc. How could I be more useful to the environment.

When I think about it now, seeing the development I’ve made makes me happy. That is why I strongly recommend it to everyone. Watch documentaries. Go to different seminars. Or go abroad, do an internship or whatever. Meet people, meet new environments. Seeing bad stuff teaches you a lot as well. Just do anything. The most important thing is you start. Don’t think of whether you are ready or not. Don’t wait for a perfect moment. It won’t come. You need to create it.”

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