Monday Story #32 – Tesla to be

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New day, new opportunity. New Monday, new Monday story.

This week we have the same storyteller as last time-engineering student Yusuf and I’m sure everyone will understand why he’s here this week as well after reading these few paragraphs of his Monday story. Enjoy!





”Having hard moments getting out of my warm and cozy bed on a Monday morning happens to me as well. Actually it happens on days other than Monday, too. No matter how hard I try to accustom myself to sleeping less, I’ve never been able to accomplish that. Of course going to bed late makes the bed feel as comfortable as mother’s lap, especially if it is cold outside.

When I was a kid, I had this huge fear of darkness. Because of it my blanket, or quilt, became some kind of protector. A barrier between me and the infinite night surrounding me. This made it even harder to leave the blanket in the morning. I just couldn’t abandon it, since it hadn’t abandoned me the previous night when I was all alone. However, work and/or lessons were always there, and always will be, to give me a comeback to the real world.

The dream of being/becoming a prestigious and highly-qualified person in my field, and in general is what gets me up basically. I feel as if it wasn’t for that dream of mine, I would never get up. (laughs) Joking apart, I think it is the goals one sets in his/her life that make them abdicate the arbitrary world. The question ‘’You’ve been studying engineering so much, why couldn’t you be like Tesla?’’ is what makes me forget about my love towards my bed and my blanket.

If we really do want to be successful in times when there is a zillion things to be done in one day alone, do we really have time for addictions on objects of any nature?”

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