Monday Series #27 – Chain rings

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New day, new opportunity. New Monday, new Monday story.

This week’s story is the first one that arrived by e-mail, which made me really excited. It came from someone very special for me. She is my classmate, but she never attends any classes. And we didn’t meet in class. Because this beauty lives in a whole another dimension. In a world she’s built herself and people she cares about. In a better and happier world. And I feel extremely happy to be able to enter that very world every once in a while. Her name is Aylin. And this is her Monday story.



”In my first year in college, I was in a huge gap. I’ve been having classes for approximately two hours a day and during the remaining time I had absolutely nothing to do. So I would come home and watch movies, series.. all kind of different things. I was in this new city where I knew absolutely nothing. And even most importantly, I didn’t have anyone to wonder around and explore with. That is why every weekend I would go back to my hometown and my people there. My high school friends. My family.

Then one day I was in class drawing deathly hallow sign on my paper when someone sat beside me. And thanks to Harry Potter we immediately showed our geek sides to each other and became friends.

She was my life saver.

Thanks to her I applied to ‘’Reklam Atölyesi’’ (best way I can translate this is Advertising Atelier). We both got in and started practicing advertising there. Now we have a lot of common friends. Now we know what to do after classes. Now we are both working and studying at the same time. Now I am the coordinator at the atelier. And thanks to it I got the chance to meet Aida as well.

I got the chance to spend my days writing. And I’ve always loved writing. I write journals, diaries, a blog… all kinds of different things. Back in high school, I’ve always dreamed of having a job/career where I would write. And now I have it! I’m a copywriter. It was all like chain rings for me. One good thing brought the other. And that’s the key for getting through hard times as well. You need to open yourself to others in order to get through that something. Than the rest comes itself. In my story, my drawing was the first chain, then someone paying attention to it second, and from there on it continued.

Now, Monday isn’t a thing for me. Because I work everyday. And  doing a job you love in a surrounding you look forward to, with people you see as family makes every day a happy day. No matter what day it is.”


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