Monday Series #21 – Monday philosopher

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New day, new opportunity. New Monday, new Monday story.

After starting the series of Turkish Monday stories last week, we’re continuing with the same person, the fashion design student from Başkent University – Seda Korkmaz. Seda told us her story last week, but since the post was getting a bit long, I couldn’t write her Monday philosophy. However, I seriously loved the way this beautiful young lady thinks of life and work in general, so I decided to post it today separately. Let’s see what this stunning girl had to say!




‘’Yes, my bed might be warm and I might not be feeling like getting out of it in the morning, especially Monday morning, but still I do. I have this philosophy in life. I believe every human being has a purpose of coming to this world. In other words, everyone has a talent. Every child that is to be born, every man that is about to die, the garbage man, the miner, everyone. Anything that breathes. And the ones who discover their talents become immortal. For example, nowadays we’re talking about Mozart or Da Vinci. They were all ‘’normal’’ people, just like you and me. They didn’t have any magic powers. They were just humans. But they were aware of their talents. They worked on them and developed themselves. And with their talents they benefited the word. I believe I’ve discovered my talent as well. And because of this I need to be useful for the humanity as well. It is the excitement of this thought that makes me get up in the morning. The thought of being useful for the world. And I don’t only mean the world as a whole, but the world of one person as well. The world hidden in one person. Because every person is a world on its own. And being able to influence one of them makes me both happy and excited. So I get happy when I see people. I don’t really like being alone. People make me happy. And I make people happy as well. (laughs) I’m a very energetic person and that’s why people around me become energetic as well. However, the bad side of this is that when I’m feeling low, the people around me will probably feel low as well.

Anyway, to sum up, working on developing my talent, myself and at the same time the possibility of being useful for a single person or the whole world, being able to change one’s life is what motivates me to get up and do my best on a Monday, or any other day.’’



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