Monday Series #19 – A persistent self-improver

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New day, new opportunity. New Monday, new Monday story.

Since I’m finally home (yey!), this week we have Lejla, a 22-year-old law student living and studying in Bihać-my beautiful hometown. Lejla is an extremely cheerful, very positive one. She’s one of my high-school friends, (and my first ever roommate) which means I’ve know her for ages. Like literally. This makes the story a first too, since there’s never been someone I’ve personally know for this long. So, let’s see what this lawyer-to-be has to say!




”Well, last year was really hard for and on me. I was trying to figure out what I wanted out of life, where do I see myself. For a long time I thought I wouldn’t fit in anywhere because none of the things I was trying to do were working. Then, one night I was sitting with my friends, talking about life and memories and stuff, and my friend started stating what annoyed her about each one of us. When she turned to me, she told me that my intelligence and the fact that there isn’t a subject that I couldn’t talk about annoyed her the most. I started thinking how there are a lot of intelligent people in the world and how all these amazing things keep happening to them. But none of those have ever happened to me.  So I thought about the difference between them and me? Suddenly it hit me – they take action. Every day, they do something new, something brave that changes a small part of the universe, but a big part of their own world. They made it their passion. So I made education mine.

Every single moment from then on, I’ve spent researching things I knew nothing about. Trying to figure out what makes humanity move and what makes it take pause. Talking to as many people as I can, asking questions, writing down the answers, reading, discovering how everything is connected and disconnected in a thousand ways makes me excited to learn more. Knowing that my words and actions don’t only impact me but the environment around me as well. Other people’s words and actions have an impact on me. I remember this one time, I came home from a long day of classes and saw that my (at the time) 15-year-old sister had written quotes on 10 green post-its and stick them to her desk. There was this one that really stuck with me and it read “Don’t be shocked. Shock others”. So now I live my life by that rule. Challenging myself, teaching myself and others that knowledge is important and the more we learn, the easier it is to change the world. And the world needs saving.

When it comes to Mondays, “No one else is going to do it for you” is the sentence that makes me get out of bed and go fight the day. I see Mondays as fresh starts, a week long project. Sundays are bitter-sweet to me, because I’m ending an adventure but at the same time starting a new one. Being cheerful and excited is a choice I make every day. Also, knowing the fact that my warm, comfortable bed is waiting for me at the end of the day is a sort of consolation in it off itself.”



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