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February has started, which means finals are over and (no matter how short) holidays are here! Well, at least for me. However, holidays still have Mondays as the first day of the week. That is why we still have Monday stories. And this week’s dose of motivation comes from an older (40-something) women whose identity, unfortunately, stays familiar to me only. She’s a working mum of two-that’s as far as I can go! Let’s see how does age affect the answer to the familiar question of Monday syndrome..


Since the identity is staying secret, here’s an architectural beauty in Ghent we met next to :)


”Every time I think there is a problem in my life, I stop and try to place it in the bigger picture. I think of the problem itself and then most of the time I figure out how insignificant it actually is. I realize how other people have bigger, more serious problems. Like dangerous, or even incurable health issues, or survival struggles. And they find the strength to deal with it. To fight. And when I put my problems next to theirs, they really look tiny. So tiny it’s ridiculous to even think of them as problems. That’s why I find Mondays the least of a problem in life. As a matter of a fact, I don’t consider them a problem at all. There are people in the world, like the Syrian refugees for example, who don’t even know today is Monday. Each and every day is a struggle for them.

Another important thing, for me, is spending the weekends actively. I tend to spend the weekends physically active. I believe weekends shouldn’t be seen as time for sleeping only. You can also go hiking or riding your bike or something else. I do the housework during the weekends, too. All this physical work refills my (mental) batteries and helps me get ready for a brand new week. Furthermore, after a weekend spent this actively, Mondays can almost be seen as a break.

Overall, I think one doesn’t see Mondays problematic when he/she takes a look at the world surrounding him/her and everything going on in it. It’s important to understand we are not alone. And not to be extremely lazy during the weekends. This way getting up on the first day of the week doesn’t get as hard.”



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