Home sweet home

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As my favorite countdown ended it was time for me to fly home. Yes, please!

Since I’m not a fan of flying, my favorite part is finally landing and hearing the officer on passport control saying ”Good afternoon” in Bosnian. Makes me smile every single time.

Coming home is more than just being home. It’s not the place as much as it is people. And things. My mum and my dad. My little brother. My love. Mum’s food. My bed. My bathtub. Fresh air… Damn it, I missed being here.

First days were extremely cold. Luckily, I’m a winter kind of person. How can somebody not like that beautiful view, the feeling of walking in snow, getting wet, freezing and behaving like a kid? Awesome.

It doesn’t matter in which way I try to describe these feelings of coming and being home, unless you actually live something similar it is probably not going to be interesting nor understandable to you. That is why I’ve decided not to. Yes, you could think I’m using this as an excuse for being selfish and not sharing my thoughts. And that would be partially true. Because instead of words, I will share photos.












What do you think happens when clouds leave and The Sun comes out?







Next to this beautiful view, there’s another beauty I want to introduce you to. Meet Pufi. Even though he was named by a 7-year-old, he’s still the cutest dog in the world.  In his free time, he likes to pose for me! Here’s his favorite pose.



Now I am going back to doing pretty much nothing and simply enjoying being home.

Enjoy these beautiful winter days!



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