Have You Met Sokolac?

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The ones following me on Instagram probably know I’ve recently met another gentleman, now hopefully a friend. A neighbor actually. Yes, embarrassing, indeed. I’ve been seeing him from the window of my room for literally years, but really didn’t have the opportunity to get any closer and meet him in person before.


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Anyway, we met on an extremely warm January day. As in 15 degrees Celsius and not a single cloud in the sky kind of day. Dope, as these new generations would say. Awesome, I’d prefer. After trying to find him for quite a while, together with a friend, I’ve managed to figure out how to reach him. He’s one shy guy, I can sure tell you that. He made us walk a whole lot before we could even come close to him. And I mean a walk through the woods and stuff. You know, steeply roads with trees everywhere and stuff. That kind of hard to reach. I guess at that point I knew it’d be worth it. Because isn’t it always like that? Don’t we work hardest to earn the confidence of the ones we then care most of?






After all those clumpy roads we reached the top of the hill and finally met our new friend. He’s a pretty simple middle-aged guy. I mean there’s some history behind his being, of course. As a middle age fortress, Sokolac was first mentioned in 1380. and throughout the documents has been mentioned by three different names: Sokol, Zokol and Sokolatz. As royal castle, however, he was mentioned in 1395. and has been exposed to long years of royal fights between kings of the area. In 1592. this gentleman was occupied by the Ottomans. After that date its history isn’t really documented much, but we know he’s been through a lot. Today, he’s a combination of remainings from all of the periods of his life, forming one unique construction, now a national monument.



After getting to know each other a bit better, everything went great. He let us see that inner side of him, so we climbed all the way up. Climbing was really fun! And a whole lot scary. Looking through small windows, climbing incredibly small and at least as much steep steps in the main tower trying to reach the top and take an eye on the view of the city… Wearing heals definitely wasn’t a smart thing to do, but hey, we learn something each day, don’t we?



I figured out once you build walls to defend from others, it’s hard to ever again look at the walls and not see someone trying to defend himself. This place is no longer a place trying to get rid of people, but instead a place trying to attract them. And after a restoration done by the European Union few years ago, this place has indeed been attracting a larger number of tourists each year. Even though its core characteristics are still there. Isn’t it funny how time changes everything, and yet everything still stays the same? Well, almost the same.

Anyway, after figuring out how rich and yet unaware of it we, local people around here, are and chatting a bit more, we left the gentleman to rest as the sun was about to set behind Debeljaca and end the day. A very productive day.



’til next productive days then..



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