Have you met Brugge?

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Since I didn’t plan on meeting this handsome, I haven’t really stalked him much. (Why him? Because for me, every city has a soul and here it felt like meeting a really handsome guy in his mid-twenties who came from Middle Ages) Anyway, I didn’t stalk. In a way I wanted everything to be a surprise, I guess. Usually the things we find out are written from someone’s perspective, so I wanted not to have any prejudice. Anyway, we first met sometimes around 10:30 in the morning. And after just a few steps outside the train station he decided to show me his truly natural side. Maybe he stalked me, ‘cause I sure as hell love natural. Green and blue. That’s where he had me interested already!




Then he showed me some history; of himself, of the world he has been taking place in for centuries, of his envirnoment, of his religious views. With every step of the way he became more open about everything and allowed me to see the inner, more valuable parts of him. The center of his being. Or as it has been called ”The Markt” (”The Market” would be English). If you ever meet Brugge, you should know there are many ways of getting to that center. I prefered baby steps (walking) and discovering some other things on the way as well. You can always use the public transportation, a bike, a boat, a horse carriage (for the more traditional ones) or any kind of two wheeled modern transportation available.






At this point we had developed a pretty warm connection already. I guess the emotions were mutual, because he offered me the privilige of seeing him from a completely different and absolutely stunning perspective. From a point where not everyone goes to, not everyone is patient enough to wait for (the queue was unbelievably long) and not everyone has enough strenght to reach. But both sides have to sacrifise something for a friendship to work. You know, it takes two to tango? And I was determined for him to love me as well. At the same time, it’s the one thing Brugge is most proud of. They say it’s its most prominent symbol and has been there since 1240s. That sure is a long time! So, after 366 steps and a total of 83 meters above the ground, I got to the top of the ”Befry of Brugges”. If you ever do meet Brugge, it is definitely a must do! It is also the place where Brugge’s distinguishing clock melody is made by a combination of 47 different bells which are also visible in the tower itself. Reaching the top might be hard a bit, but every friendship has its ups and downs, right? Don’t let the narrow stairs scare you!







Told you it would be worth it! Although looking at the tower from the ground isn’t bad either.


Some call Brugge the Venice of the North. I think I see why. He truly is the big brother of Venice. I am sure she’s a proud sister. I also think she could learn a lesson on smells and perfumes from him: his are undoubtedly better! Just saying.





In between feeling like Alice in wonderland in some awesome chocolate stores and leaving, he blew my mind away with some beautiful windmills. ”Not only Netherlands have windmills, I do too!” he said. I guess it was important to him. And it made it important to me as well. Yap, that’s what love does to people.



As time was passing we really got connected. Maybe that’s why he got all sad. The rain made us stay a little longer, so I guess his mission was accomplished. But then he pulled himself together and we were able to say goodbye. I can’t wait to hang out with you again. See you soon, handsome!

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