Happy New Year!

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New Year’s Eve. Such a meaningful and yet a very ordinary night. A symbol for the very popular cliché of starting the New Book of Life made of 365 pages. I don’t believe in that. First of all, when the clock goes midnight, you do not become a new person. You’re still the same old girl/guy you were (literally) just a second ago. However, I do believe we need some motivation in life and maybe that is how this ”reset” contributes to completing the tasks or goals from our to-do list.


Still, this is one of my favorite times of the year. I absolutely love December and everything that comes with it; snow, cold weather, thick sweaters, scarves, holidays, lights, gifts… Does it not make you smile immediately, too?


New Year. In just hours. Damn, the last one has passed so quickly. They were definitely right when they said ‘Time flies’. When I think of 2015, it takes me to a rollercoaster of everything. Emotions, events, memories both from home and from here. I have learned a lot (and I mean A LOT) and made a huge progress when it comes to studies. At the same time, I am aware there is a lot more waiting for me. In 2015 I’ve been to some new places, met new people and developed loving friendships. Most importantly, I’ve grown. Well, maybe you don’t notice from the outside, but I do. My mind has significantly matured, and I’m extremely proud of myself because of it. Every year has its own magic. I sure hope the one that is about to come brings a lot of magic, too.


I feel like screaming ‘Happy New Year!’ to the world. And all of my New Year wishes.


Stay healthy! Take good care of yourself, but take care of the ones who cannot take care of themselves, too. Take care of little kids who are hungry, cold and sad.


Stay happy! Enjoy the moment you are in now. Because just a moment later it will be gone. And it will never come back. Do things you enjoy. Go shopping, read, take selfies or whatever it is that makes you happy. Just do it. Understand how precious you are, and only then others will be able to understand the same. And please, try not attaching to temporary things but the things that last. Pretty please.


Stay peaceful! Don’t be discriminatory. Don’t let a small group of people lead you to wrong paths and take your happiness away. Be positive. Stay firm. You are the one that is in charge. Whatever you want to will happen, if you just try. TRY. For your own and for the good of others.


Stay loved! And love, too. May the New Year bring a lot of love to you. Whether it is a new boyfriend/girlfriend, or just a friend. May it bring many hugs and kisses, many fun moments with you dearest. Moments you will cherish for good. And may the distance from every single long-distance relationship in the world disappear.


Stay in control! Stop waiting for something to happen. Do it yourself. There are no heroes in 21st century. You are your own hero. Do not forget that.


Stay real (or should I say stay human)! If you do something wrong, admit and apologize. It doesn’t hurt, I swear. On the contrary, it will make you even more satisfied. Don’t forget everyone around you is human, just like you are.  That is why you need stay forgiving. First to yourself and then to others. Everybody makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect.


Stay creative! Read many wonderful books, draw or paint, dance, play and listen to music. Do whatever it is that will make your creative side come to life.


Keep on dreaming! Let your imagination reach the peak and then sit back and enjoy watching how it surprises you with everything it is capable of.


Stay brave! Do not be afraid of being different. Don’t forget the real values in life. Just because a lot of people do something, it doesn’t mean you have to do it. Don’t let the lion inside you down. Keep feeding him. Be able to see if something is wrong, and then fix it. If not you, then who?


Stay adventurous! Explore. Whether it is new places, food, cultures, languages or anything else. No, it is not impossible. If you can’t visit the place physically, use Google maps. Be creative. There is always a way if you want something bad enough.


Last but not the least: may all YOUR wishes come true!


Remember, the remote is in your hands.


I hope you have great time tonight.


Happy New Year!

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