Happy New Year!

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Everywhere I look there’s something related to the New Year. Especially on the Internet. New Year resolutions. Plans. Or anti-resolutions. Hate. And so much more. Since New Year’s Eve isn’t really a big deal for me, and because posts with that theme became too mainstream (and pretty boring), I really wasn’t going to write anything.

But then, I took a photo. Well, I took a dozen but  liked a particular one. And decided to explain my wishes on it. Ish.

Wishes to myself. People around me who I love. My friends and family. And all the good people out there.


Here it is. (:


First of all, as I wrote on my Instagram, this New Year, for me, it’s all about what I don’t wish.

I wish no negativity, no bad vibes, no pride, no jealousy, no greed.

No bad people around. No toxic people. No fake friends. No haters.

No boring days. No grumpy faces. No narrow-minded environment.

No lies. No excuses. No empty days.

No tasteless food. Nor disgusting one.

No stupidity. No illiteracy.

No crimes. No terrorism. No fear. No worries. No tears.

In other words, I wish we could be just like this plane. Surrounded with the infinitely beautiful blue sky, its halo. With no silly worries. No unnecessary, useless drama. No bad guys.

I do wish us some things. Minimalism. A year without all these unnecessary things I’ve mentioned, and many others taking over our lives.

I do wish us an extremely creative year, full of dreams. Dreams whose control is in our hands. Healthy, peaceful dreams. Dreams in which you love, and are loved. By friends, family. Dreams in which you can make your plane trails wherever you want.

I do wish us a year full of adventures. Exploring. Courage. Adrenaline. New places, new people, new tastes, new smells, new cultures, new languages. Tons of new, happy memories. Tons of laughter. A year in which our plane trails never overlap with the previous, old ones.

I do wish us a satisfactory year. Full of self-development. Education. Self-education! Good books. Even better writers. Lots of written lines. Filled notebooks. And a fulfilled hearth. Filled with warmth of those special moments that will stay there forever. Moments lived in our plane.

And last, but most important, I wish we be as independent as the plane. Let’s not lean on others. Let’s be strong enough to be our own support. Yes, it takes courage, but that’s where true happiness lies, if you ask me.

Have a happy year!


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