Happy birthday, Aida!

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First minutes after midnight, Saturday, the fifth of December. I am sitting in my room listening to Adele and slightly feeling cold, fresh air coming from an open window on my left. It’s my 21st birthday today!

About half an hour ago my roommates surprised me with my favorite cake, a hilarious video they had filmed for me and the cutest little birthday gift. Once again I realized how precious it is to have people like them around and at the same time how even though we do not always agree on everything, we can still love each other with all those little imperfections.

I am 21 now! My birthday countdown has finished 365 days more and now it starts counting down another 365. Time flies so fast I seriously do not even understand what is going on. 21, man! It feels like yesterday I was spending days in front of TV, secretly eating chocolate even though mum told me not to, carrying enormous bag to school with three thousand notebooks, pens and pencils. Well, I still have a lot of pens. But the point is I have grown!

We are working on an organ donation campaign these days and the researches we have been doing made me realize the importance of the little things in life, once again. And the more time I spend thinking of it, the more I realize how happy I am. How I LOVE my life. My family, friends, environment, school and my love. And all the other things from my everyday life. Tiring lessons, never-ending assignments, late night researches, sleepless nights. Each of these has had a huge effect on my life, my future and me as a person. Even though there are times I just want to quit and do absolutely nothing, when the storm is gone I find myself still going on in the same direction. Because in the end of the day, I enjoy it and it makes me happy to be a part of something, to be able to contribute.

It feels awkward to be over 20. I mean, it is no different than yesterday, let’s be clear on that (except for the fact that today I can do whatever I want and everybody will be just fine with that).
I have always believed age is just a number. A number written on a paper. And I don’t believe it is that important actually. For me, the age you have reached in your mind, psychologically is what really matters; how much you have matured, developed your personality and your character.

At the same time, it’s like I’m becoming an adult, but I still feel like a child deep inside (Yes, I am aware of how cliché this is, but it’s true!). A little girl with a red ribbon in her hair, refusing to grow up and therefore still living the way she wants, playing games she wants no matter what others say. What a rebel!

Huston, we have a emergency! At the moment, I am about to cry due to extremely emotional birthday messages I’m receiving from my closest friends. That’s why I am bringing this to an end hoping next 365 days bring a lot of happiness to all of us!

Have a happy birthday, Aida!

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