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I am one of those people who believe 18 is too early to decide what is it you want to do with your life, career wise. At the same time, choosing what and where you’re going to study is, if you ask me, one of two most important decisions in your life (the other one is deciding who is it you are going to spend the rest of your life with). Anyway, even though it’s this important, you’re still deciding based on things you’ve heard from others, or maybe read online. And they aren’t necessarily. So, it makes it an adventure towards new and unfamiliar. Yes, of course you can have goals; you might know what you want to do after university. But, even with the most ‘’obvious’’ careers… Lets take law for example. You might know that you want to become a lawyer, but you probably do not know so many things within and about law. That’s at least the situation I was in when I started my university adventure.

Since Communication Sciences is a relatively new field of studies, many people don’t actually even know anything about it. Or (even worse) they think they do, but they really don’t. Even today, I’m having troubles explaining what Public Relations actually is. Especially to a bit older people. In the end I end up saying I’m either in marketing, political sciences or something else that comes to my mind at that moment.

Now, you may be thinking ‘’Ok, what has this got to do with anything?’’.

Well, I’ve decided to write on #beingaPRstudent. And I thought of starting with something I’ve been thinking about lately, something I like about this field – its richness.

I’ve been working on two researches this semester. And both of them are related to law; one is in the field of media law and the other is about copyright law. And even though just the name of these topics make their relation to communication sciences quite obvious, it still helps me make a point on how wide the specter of topics we learn about is. I’m third year now (out of four, because Turkey XD), and I’ve had lessons on subjects from politics, economics and psychology, to management, design and photography. Trust me, there’s been a lot. And that is one of the things that makes this field so lively and interesting. You need to know (at least) something on everything. Because you never know what is it you will be working on next. And with every new project, you learn something new again. I’m still a student so learning never ends for me, but even after graduation, the process seriously doesn’t end. Well, with technology developing this is relevant not only for this field, but for every field, for sure. But this one especially!

This also affects your life out of work (if you have one :P). Despite how cliché it sounds, you broaden your horizons and train yourself to think of different topics in different ways and look at situations from different perspectives. And most importantly, you train your brain to see behind the scenes of everything. Because you are behind the scenes. And even though in the beginning you might get disappointed in, well, the world, because of this, eventually you’ll understand that it’s people behind the scenes that make ‘’the scene’’ be as it is. So, the power is in your hands.

As Christopher Reeve said, ‘’What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely’’. So, whether you’re in communications or not, keep growing until you grow into a Superman!

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