Have You Met Sokolac?

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The ones following me on Instagram probably know I’ve recently met another gentleman, now hopefully a friend. A neighbor actually. Yes, embarrassing, indeed. I’ve been seeing him from the window of my room for literally years, but really didn’t have the opportunity to get any closer and meet him in person before.   Anyway, we […]


Have you met Brussels?

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Even though 2017 is here, there are still some people who have one leg left ”in the past”. I know it might sound stupid, wait, I’ll explain. I mean giving huge value to things that haven’t really found their path to today. And yet still managing to rock the modern time. So they end up […]


Aida meets Paris

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For the ones that don’t follow me on Instagram and haven’t seen approximately zillon posts I’ve shared from my last adventure (as you can guess from the title) I’VE BEEN TO PARIS. *cool face* Let’s get some facts straight from the beginning: on an excitement scale of 1-10, I’m more of a *I had pictures […]


Have you met Brugge?

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Since I didn’t plan on meeting this handsome, I haven’t really stalked him much. (Why him? Because for me, every city has a soul and here it felt like meeting a really handsome guy in his mid-twenties who came from Middle Ages) Anyway, I didn’t stalk. In a way I wanted everything to be a surprise, […]