Have you met Brussels?

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Even though 2017 is here, there are still some people who have one leg left ”in the past”. I know it might sound stupid, wait, I’ll explain. I mean giving huge value to things that haven’t really found their path to today. And yet still managing to rock the modern time. So they end up […]


Happy New Year!

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Everywhere I look there’s something related to the New Year. Especially on the Internet. New Year resolutions. Plans. Or anti-resolutions. Hate. And so much more. Since New Year’s Eve isn’t really a big deal for me, and because posts with that theme became too mainstream (and pretty boring), I really wasn’t going to write anything. […]


Christmas stories

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For 2,2 billion of people, this weekend is probably the most important one in the year. That is why I wanted one of these 2,2 billion to tell more on these few days. And then I met this beautiful, heart-warming girl whose name is Miranda Sofe Nelson. Miranda and I have few things in common. […]