#beingaPRstudent Means Self-development

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Another essential for #beingaPRstudent is constant self-improvement. That’s why all true PR/communication students are always on the quest for something new. New technology, new people, new apps, new tasks, and above all – new knowledge.

In order to do so I’ve taken part in an certificate program organized by Ankara University’s Continuous Education Center. It was a one-month-long Corporate Communications course. A variety of topics, such as crisis management, leadership, corporate social responsibility, social media, CRM, storytelling and similar, were discussed during those 60-hours for how long the course lasted.



What have we done during the course?

We’ve listened to presentations, discussed different topics, acted in theater parts, built spaghetti bridges, remembered stuff we maybe forgot and, most importantly, learned.

All of the instructors during the course were professionals working either as academics in the field, or in the market itself.  Overall, it was their quality and the atmosphere that made people come at 8 o’clock in the morning on the weekends.




Even though 60 hours sounds like a short period, it isn’t really. I mean you can get to New York from Columbia in 60 hours. At the same time that’s one of the reasons I found the program useful: there was enough time for all of the topics to be discussed decently. At the same time there was enough time for everyone to ask everything they wanted to.

Besides few of my friends and me, others were generally employees from different companies working in the field, so we had the opportunity to listen to their experiences, as well as learn more about them and therefore expand our network.

To them it was even more useful, since we had already heard and/or talked about some of these topics in school. However, I’ve once again learned no matter how familiar one topic is, there’s always something you’ll hear for the first time since it’s different people you’re talking to/with.




Overall, it really was a positive experience. In addition, it’s one of those experiences that explain what being a PR student really is. Despite the general image of a student doing nothing all the time, it’s the student who has lessons during the weekends as well. And is happy because of that. Because, as Nietzsche said, ‘‘the snake which cannot cast its skin has to die.’’

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