Aida meets Paris

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For the ones that don’t follow me on Instagram and haven’t seen approximately zillon posts I’ve shared from my last adventure (as you can guess from the title) I’VE BEEN TO PARIS. *cool face*

Let’s get some facts straight from the beginning: on an excitement scale of 1-10, I’m more of a *I had pictures of Eiffel Tower on my wall when I was a teenager*, so 10 doesn’t really do the thing for me. Yes, next to posters of Wentworth Miller (the guy from Prison Break) for whom I used to think was the most handsome man in the world back then, and world’s greatest singer ever-Amy Lee, I had Eiffel Tower. I don’t know why, I was a teenager, didn’t we all?

Since introducing Paris is as unnecessary as introducing Adele, I’ll ask the same question I did with my post about Brugge; have you met Paris?




Do you know the feeling when you simply ‘click’ with someone minutes after you’ve met and you feel like you’ve known each other for years? That’s exactly how I felt with this beauty.  Even though it felt like we’ve spent only minutes together, I still feel like we’ve been friends for decades. She’s one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen, with her effortless/messy, but still breathtaking look and with an even more beautiful personality. Well, you know the Parisians. Even while walking through random streets I sometimes felt like I’m in a movie!




Our friendship started with a boat tour. This kind of helped me, since I didn’t really know what is where, and you can see some pretty amazing stuff from the boat, like the Notre-Dame Cathedral (absolutely stunning!), the Grand Palace, a lot of very famous and historical bridges, the first American church outside America, and many other beautiful things. At the same time I got to see better this other, maybe even neglected side of her – the river Seine.










After an one-hour-long introduction filled with immortalizing moments, we were now ready to step it up and continue with, what turned to be, a really long walk. All I needed was a guide to her hearth, and this city map sure did the job!












Now there’s this thing people call Museum of Louvre, you must have heard about it. Of course we went to see it! Unfortunately, only from the outside. It’s just obvious Paris wants me to come one more time with the excuse of seeing Mona Lisa. Luckily for her, I don’t mind. At all.










She’s also shown me The Grand Palace, The Petit Palace (which literally means The Small Palace, but trust me it’s isn’t small at all), la Concorde, Tuileries Garden, …












… and most importantly…




The Iron Lady and The Sun’s golden rays. Isn’t it a perfect combination?

See you soon, beauty. See you soon.

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