A Time Travel

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The year is 1994. Early December, cold winter days in south-east Europe. A war was being fought and about to come to an end. Fifth day of the month, around 5 p.m. a 25-year-old woman gave birth to the cutest, curly haired little girl. Her first child. Yes, you are right. Me.


My mom and little me1995.


As the time passes and the war ends, we change addresses for a few times, and finally go back to the place where we first started from. Time made me grow bigger and my parents older. Since both of them worked full time, I used to stay with my grandma. That was quite boring, because I had nobody to play with. Or at least not as much I wanted to. And I think that was one of the main reasons for me being so enthusiastic and happy when I finally started going to school. And I mean REALLY happy. Kids everywhere!


Aida in primary school1st grade (curly hair and fringes are definitely a no!) and 4th grade (Yes, 3 years make a huge difference!)


Learning letters, mathematical operations and terms was really fun! Those years will surely always have a special place in my heart. So many memories with all the people I still love and teachers that played an important role in my growth, both academically and personally. I will probably always remember and miss some of them. Our life paths are taking us to different places and I can only hope they cross at least every once in a while. I sometimes see some when I go home for holidays and I can surely tell that seeing them all grown up, living their lives the way they want, trying to make a difference truly makes me happy. I wish all of you guys a happy and successful life!

Now about high school. Those were some amazing years! I look at it as a period that prepared me for university (and life as an adult) but still offered enough enjoyment for a teenager. Those 4 years of high school will always be remembered by successfully finished projects, international travels, many teachers, friends, early wake ups, going outs, lot of laugh, tears, cakes, good old high school drama, my love and so much more. It’s a list with no end.



High School Memories



A photo from Aida's graduation day with friends



Even choosing pictures for this post from this period of life took me on a time travel in a rollercoaster of emotions. Even though only 2 years have passed it somehow feels like it has been a lifetime. I graduated high school in 2013 and applied for a scholarship program in Turkey then. Even though I wanted to come, getting accepted meant leaving my home country and everyhting I loved and was used to. Thats why it brought second thoughts to my mind. In the end however, I decided to go for it and since September 2013 I’ve been living in Ankara, studying at Ankara University – Faculty of Communication.




Aaand these few stops bring us back to the present. Which means this time travel is over. But don’t be sad! There are many more stops waiting for you to see. My life really is like a trip. A trip that never ends.

So get ready and fasten your seat belts!



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